We are committed to addressing the gaps in and improving the existing security measures implemented in seaports by providing our stakeholders with a comprehensive analysis of the issues, enabling them to effectively and efficiently tackle complex socio-economic and legal problems through our actionable advice. Want to learn more? Learn more RESEARCH DEPARTMENT: SECURITY
MULTIPLE INTERNSHIP POSITIONS We are happy to annouce multiple new vacancies in our Security Challenges at Seaports Department and the PR and Communications Department. Apply before July 3, 2020! Learn more NEW VACANCIES:

Members in action

Empowering the youth and addressing educational challenges

Our Founder, Mr Ajatshatru Bhattacharya has been working hard towards making a positive change and addressing educational challenges. He recently established Praan Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports economically disadvantaged children in rural parts of India and provides them with sponsorship opportunities to continue their studies. The organisation currently sponsors 117 children.  In parallel, the organisation aims to build a sustainable platform that provides accessible high-quality education across the globe and help realise Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. The Foundation’s vision is to build a world where everyone has equal access to high-quality education without discrimination across the globe.

Plugged-in: Providing first-hand insights into energy-related issues

In parallel to carrying out high-quality research for the Department on Seaport Security, Mr Guglielmo Zangoni carries out research on energy-related issues, geopolitics and climate change. Read his recent publication on the coronavirus has affected Saudi Arabia’s plan to be one of the top producers of renewable energy in the Arabian peninsula by 2030. 

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