About us

About us


The Invictus Corporation BV is an independent non-partisan research institute and think tank. It is committed to creating and promoting high-quality local and international research through comprehensive tools and data-driven methodologies. It aims to enable better evidence-based decision-making, policy developments and promote informed dialogues on issues of local and global relevance.

Formerly known as the ‘the Invictus Foundation’, Invictus was formally incorporated in the Netherlands in mid-2019 and formally began its work towards the end of the year. The team at Invictus used this process to consolidate all ongoing projects into various units and prepare a roadmap for the organisation moving forward. Our transition in the business model was a natural consequence of the need to realise the organisation’s long-term goals.


Our mission is to conduct high-quality independent data-driven research in legal, security and socio-political sectors and based on that provide innovative, practical, and actionable recommendations to demystify and address issues of local and global relevance.


To empower individuals to make evidence-based legal and policy decisions.

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