Public Administration Internship Position

Public Administration Internship Position

What will you be doing?

The Public Administration Intern will be conducting research as a part of the Department on Security Challenges at Seaports (SCS). The SCS Department looks at security threats pertaining to IT and Cybersecurity, Illicit Trade in Wild Flora and Fauna, Drugs and Narcotics, Arms and Ammunitions, Environment and Climate, Goods and Contraband. Along with your peers, you will conduct first-hand research on these topics and form policy recommendations from an public administration perspective that aid in addressing various underlying issues identified. 

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for individuals with a background in public administration in order to the work of the SCS Department and enable the team to develop a clear set of recommendations for stakeholders on how to address various underlying challenges. As a public admin expert, you will be advising on how to increase the efficiency of maritime security operations and developing the corresponding policy with in-house legal experts to ensure that it is carried out comprehensively. You will be tasked with analysing the proposals for solutions and working with stakeholders in order to identify the most efficient way of making these proposals a reality. .

The qualification we are looking for:

    • You have extensive research experience
    • You are familiar with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Visio; Experience with SharePoint is a plus)
    • You are fluent in English (any additional language is a plus)
    • You possess excellent writing and editing skills
    • Capable of working on multiple projects simultaneously and good time management
    • You are a quick learner, confident to work independently and in an enthusiastic team
    • You have outstanding interpersonal and communications skills and can express your ideas openly and constructively

For this internship position, you have to either be enrolled in a university for the duration of your internship or have recently graduated from a university.

What do we offer

We fully support remote working and are working remotely (until October*), but we have an office in The Hague, The Netherlands, where you can base yourself from if you would like. In addition to a flexible work schedule, we provide you with an inspiring, collaborative and exciting intellectual environment where you will work with other like-minded individuals. We follow a strict flat organisational structure where we value freedom and dissent. To fully enable this, we also practise radical transparency in how we work – especially in decision-making. The Invictus Corporation offers you with excellent networking opportunities and valuable working experience that can help you build and refine your skill set.

What does an ideal candidate look like?

In addition to fulfilling the requirements, an ideal candidate would be an individual who carries themselves with honesty and integrity. They are altruistic in nature and not only professional in their conduct but are also willing to undertake challenges. We also place great value on one’s ability to work in a team and establish healthy professional relationships.

*COVID-19 update: In light of the new guidance issued by the Dutch government, selected candidates will have the option to work remotely.

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