Ajatshatru Bhattacharya

Chairman & Director of Invictus Institute

In parallel with his LL.B studies, Ajatshatru Bhattacharya, Co-Founded the Invictus Foundation in June 2019. Since then he is employed as the Chairman of the Foundation and the Director of the Invictus Institute. Currently, he is leading multiple working groups (link here) and conducting policy research in emerging technical-legal fields. To further refine his academic portfolio he aims to specialize in international trade law and space law. In addition to his work with Invictus, he manages Asahi Consultancy, a business, design and career consultancy and is the CEO of BookXpress B.V., a one-stop-shop for all university students.  

In addition to his academic and entrepreneurial endeavours, Ajatshatru also established and runs a non-profit non-governmental organisation, Praan Foundation, through which he sponsors children in rural and vulnerable communities in India.

Research Focus: 

International and European Law; International Trade Law; International Criminal Law; Diplomacy; International Relations; Education Reform; IoT and Technology


English (native), Hindi (native)

Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports: Emphasis on the Port of Rotterdam

Working Group on Liability in Cases of Autonomous Shipping

Asahi Consultancy

Provides consultation services to corporate and non-corporate clients internationally in a variety of areas such as but not limited to start-up consultations, business process optimisation, advise on corporate expansion into newer markets, business broker (B2B connections), developing and managing content, graphic designing services, and legal services. Currently, we are also expanding to include ‘long-term career consultations’ for the youth.

Praan Foundation

Aims to build a sustainable platform that provides accessible and standardized high-quality education across the globe and to provide assistance financial or otherwise, to highly motivated individuals who wish to pursue higher education in rural and vulnerable communities.

BookXpress B.V.

A one-stop-shop for all university student. It aims to be a central platform for trade amongst students, exchange of academic materials, as well as a platform where senior students can provide tutoring. First component scheduled to launch before summer 2020.


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