Guglielmo Zangoni

International Relations Expert

Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports

Guglielmo Zangoni is a young professional genuinely obsessed with things happening around the globe. He holds a BA in International and Diplomatic Sciences and an MSc in Strategic Studies and Energy Security. However, it was during a year-long Erasmus+ experience in Lithuania that he decided he would steer his career towards an international path. In fact, over the years, he has grown up interested in a wide range of topics, particularly foreign affairs and energy-related issues. His goal is to become an expert in the field of geopolitics.

Recently, he started an internship with the Invictus Foundation. As a member of the Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports, he aims at breaking down the complex international element of maritime security as well as promoting the Group’s research in a way that suits stakeholders’ interests.

When he is not absorbed in his work, he likes to engage himself in good readings and writing articles. During his BA, he ran the University’s most prominent magazine, coordinated several cultural events and wrote about foreign affairs. Lately, he started blogging over energy and geopolitics.

He believes persistence is the key to success. By working for the Invictus Foundation, Guglielmo seeks to put his skills at the service of the Working Group while enriching his knowledge and growing up professionally.

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