Leonas Juozapavičius

Security Analyst 

Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports

Leonas Juozapavičius is a security analyst working with Invictus Foundation. He is passionate about the innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions to complex problems in the field of security.

Leonas is specifically interested in researching the relationship between the public and private defense sector and understanding what role it plays today in providing international security, as well as how this may change in the future. The areas that interest him the most are counter terrorism, radicalization and unconventional warfare. When approaching these topics, he combines his prior volunteer military service and working experience in the private security industry in London and Baghdad to maintain an informed and practical way of thinking.

In addition, Leonas possesses a noteworthy experience with global anti-corruption efforts, having been part of Transparency International as a volunteer for 2 years.

Leonas has joined the Invictus Institute’s Working Group because he views this as an excellent opportunity to practically apply the knowledge learned at university, as well as to develop new skills and grow as a young professional.

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