Lucas Hibbeln

Researcher on Emerging Technology and Law

Invictus Institute

Lucas Hibbeln is currently a second-year bachelor student at the University of Amsterdam studying Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) with a specialization in law. He is also pursuing a minor is Privacy Studies, where he engages in debates on topics such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and the General Data Protection Regulation.

Outside of university, Lucas is a writer for the student-run news organization Balance the Ballot. He writes frequent articles concerning current events and has most recently joined a group focused specifically on writing a daily update on the corona crisis.

Recently starting an internship as a Research Assistant in the research strand of Emerging Technology and Law at the Invictus Foundation, Lucas looks to gain experience in his field and improve his research abilities. Gaining foundational knowledge on international and European law at university, Lucas aims to apply this knowledge in a more practical setting through his internship with the Invictus Foundation.

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