Olivier Gerrits

Security Analyst 

Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports

Olivier Gerrits is a young-professional in the field of security. With his fresh and creative outlook on security he provides new angles to current problems. Olivier Gerrits is currently developing his academic career at the Invictus Institute as a security specialist. In addition to his academic endeavours, Olivier Gerrits is also employed by the Dutch army reserve where he gets to experience security on a physical level. This military experience provides skills such as insight and discipline that greatly enhance his academic abilities. In the future Olivier Gerrits hopes to establish himself within the field of security and make a career out of what interests him most.

When it comes to topics within the field of security, Olivier Gerrits is most interested in terrorism and military affairs. In the past he has completed university level courses on these topics, yet he is eager to learn more with every opportunity that presents itself. In his free time Olivier Gerrits enjoys exercising, art and spending time with his friends and colleagues. He is in the possession of a Cambridge English CPE certificate indicating his proficiency in business level English. It is Olivier’s goal to maintain a high level of professionalism and present excellent results while doing so.

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