Working Groups

 Working Groups 

 Working Group on Security Challenges at Seaports 

Working Group on Monetization in Video Games: Policy and Practice 

*Starting mid-March


The Invictus Institute carries out research on issues of local and global relevance through working groups. These are established on the basis of public, private and governmental interest, societal significance, relevance to the Invictus Research Agenda (available March 27, 2020) and availability of funding opportunities.

Methodology and Members

The working groups carry out their research based on interdisciplinary collaboration between experts and young professionals from various fields. In instances where solutions are required for stakeholders, the working groups follow a transdisciplinary model.

When establishing a working group, we look beyond academic credentials and work experience to maximise representation in terms of diversity in ideological outlooks and socio-ethnic backgrounds. This enables us to have not only an extensive overview of the relevant problems but also allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to complex issues.

By investing in and developing our most valuable assets, our team, we aim to not only achieve our goals but exceed our stakeholder’s expectations.

Transparency and Accountability

You can follow the progress of our working groups by looking at the progress sections on their specific page as well as on the publications page. This does not apply to commissioned working groups or commissioned research focus within an existing working group without the prior consent of the stakeholders.

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