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 Research Departments 

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Security Challenges at Seaports



Emerging Technology and Law



Special Project:
Corona Virus (COVID-19)


Video Game Industry

About our research

The Invictus Institute carries out cutting edge research in the field of international and European law, foreign affairs, national and international security and development policy.

Each research project undertaken generally falls within the Invictus Strategic Research Agenda (ISRA). In addition to undertaking research projects to realise our strategic research agenda, projects can also be commissioned by governments, commercial businesses and non-profit organisations.

Once a research project is initiated, our (in-house and partners) researchers carry out high-quality research and look to engage not only with private stakeholders, policymakers and politicians from all parties but also places a great emphasis on realising the interests of the civic society. Our research is interdisciplinary, and our researchers always look for opportunities to collaborate with other individuals, academic institutions and other (national and international) partners. 


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