Corona Virus (COVID-19)

 Corona Virus
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Research and Publications on Corona Virus

Since its initial outbreak in November-December 2019, the Corona Virus (COVID-2019) has spread to multiple countries and is impacting health, trade, and society. The following is our research on what we can do to address the challenges that the virus brings. All of the different sections have also been compiled into a single downloadable Whitepaper.  Download our Coronavirus Whitepaper 


Protective Measures 


Frequently Asked Questions

Updated as of March 5, 2020


Combating Misinformation


Combating Social Stigmatization 

Additional Information

We aim to keep our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) up to date as the situation with the virus develops. If you were unable to find answers to your questions you can send these to us via the following anonymous survey. The FAQ will be updated on a weekly basis.  

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Disclaimer: While we commit our best efforts to keep the FAQs updated, kindly note that due to various uncertainties and on-going research we may not be able to answer all questions submitted. If your question is not answered we strongly encourage you to go through the following additional resources.

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