Security Challenges at Seaports

 Security Challenges at Seaports 

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 Tender for Angola’s largest port extended due to COVID-19 pandemic 

by Port Technology International | June 4, 2020

Authorities in Angola have extended the deadline for concession bids for the Port of Luanda Multipurpose Terminal, according to reports from Chinese state media. News outlet Xinhua has reported that country’s Concession Evaluation Commission announced last week that the deadline for concession …

by Port Technology International | June 4, 2020

Chinese state-owned crane manufacturer ZPMC has signed a contract via a cloud platform with COSCO Shipping Ports (CSP) for three ship-to-shore (STS) cranes for the Port of Piraeus. It marks the first time a cloud platform has been used to sign such a contract. The ceremony itself took place with video links to Shanghai and Hong Kong, the two respective headquarters of ZPMC and CSP, and Athens, …

 Rotterdam’s container hub chalks up another record 

  • With a draught of 17.30 metres, the vessel represents a new record for container ships calling on Rotterdam.
  • This Wednesday had also seen a new milestone for Rotterdam, when the latest vessel to top the ranking of world’s largest container ships, HMM Algeciras, made its first call on the port.

 Naturalis to continue FutureLand’s successful platform for prehistoric finds 

by Port of Rotterdam | June 3, 2020

  • As part of this project, the Leiden research institute will be taking over the successful site Oervondstchecker from FutureLand, the Port of Rotterdam Authority’s information centre, on 1 June.
  • The website Oervondstchecker (‘Primeval Find Checker’) lists a range of unique finds, including the remains of a rare Dutch species of monkey and a sabre-toothed tiger, as well as fossilised hyena droppings and remains of our distant ancestors and their tools.

by Port of Rotterdam

  • On Wednesday 3 June, HMM Algeciras will call on Rotterdam during its maiden voyage.
  • For further information about Algeciras, we refer you to the video at “Biggest Container Ship in the World 2020” .


About the department

The Research Department on Security Challenges at Seaports (RDSCS) consists of young professionals who share a common aim of addressing a wide array of security challenges found in seaports. To realise our aim and vision, we assist individuals, organisations and government bodies in developing, testing and implementing the most effective measures to address complex socio-economic and legal issues.

In our work, we place great emphasis on honesty, integrity, altruism, professionalism, diversity and mutual respect. Utilising a transdisciplinary research methodology supported by diverse and international team, we are able to identify, consider and address a variety of differing perspectives enabling us to bolster the quality of the end-products the RDSCS aims to offer to its stakeholders and partners.

By investing in and developing its most valuable assets, the team members themselves, the Department aims to not only achieve its goals but exceed its clients’ expectations.

Stakeholder engagement

The RDSCS seeks to engage stakeholders such as but not limited to private and public entities in the shipping industry, security technology industry, port authorities, and the local as well as the national government. These stakeholders form the core of actors due to their relevancy in the field of maritime security. As part of the Invictus Corporation Ltd, the Department seeks to actively cooperate with these actors to ensure that the product developed is tailored to their needs. As such, clear and effective communication is an essential focus for the RDSCS. The main objective is to provide solutions to issues identified by stakeholders and to work together with these stakeholders to discover further avenues that require attention. At both public and private level, the Department seeks to inspire mutual trust with the relevant stakeholders, to ensure a productive working relationship.


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